Remembering Our Past

Author: Mark D Ludovico: Navy Man and American Man

IRONWORKS, Men's Grooming & Supply Co. is about BUILDING GREAT MEN and this Memorial Day weekend, IRONWORKS wants to honor those who gave their lives for our freedom and proudly hangs red, white, & blue bunting from its awning this weekend to help us all remember our past and to think about those families among us that are missing a family member.  Memorial Day remembers more than one million men and women who gave their lives in service of the United States, and its origins date back to the Civil War.

Great nations are made up of great men & women who never forget their past, and it is essential that each generation remembers and honors the sacrifices of prior generations.  Why?  Simply put, because liberty and freedom are not free and came at an enormous cost.  Days like Memorial Day are like old pictures with a special frame passed down from your parents or grand parents.  Olds photos, like Memorial Day, are designed to cause us to remember something special or important.  Special days of remembrance are important for societies and for Americans since we all need to pause and remember those who fought and gave their lives for the principles & values of freedom and liberty. 

Memorial Day is a day for Americans to remember our past and empathize the loss of loved ones with fellow citizens we do not know & neighbors who we do.  Our society takes one day each year to pause and remember something that honestly, most of us have a hard time relating to.  Let us take a moment this long weekend, to reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day, let us reflect on the sacrifices that our military personnel have made, and let us grieve with those who grieve a loss.  Why?  Because that is what great men and great nations do ... we remember our past.