Author: Mark D Ludovico: Navy Man, Corporate Man, Family Man, & Entrepreneur Man

Many friends and colleagues ask me what inspired IRONWORKS, Men's Grooming & Supply Co.?   Why did I work 18-months to open a brick-and-mortar store and why did I take on such a large project?  What, for the sake of life & liberty, inspired me to open a men’s hair salon and barbershop?

The answer is closely tied to my perspective on life and my leadership experiences.  I was born and raised in a small town in northern New York into a middle class family.  For outdoor enthusiasts, Saranac Lake is known for great skiing, beautiful lakes, superior camping and hiking, and of course very cold winters.  When I turned 18, I joined the Navy and literally saw the world, learning about life and leadership.  I served on 4 ships and visited 43 countries.  Now almost 30 years later, with 21 years of Naval duty behind me (10 active/11 reserve), 18 years of marriage, 3 kids, and 16 years of corporate experience I believe I can inspire men to be better at being men.  I think through a platform of a local barbershop where men gather to look their best, I can help create an environment to inspire men to be great at being men – simple and straight forward.   

So why a men’s hair salon/barbershop?  The answer is simple.  I wanted to invest in something different and to be able to connect and inspire men to be great, to do things larger than themselves, and to make a difference in their communities, neighborhoods, families, and places of work.