IRONWORKS, Men's Grooming & Supply Co. offers shoe shine services because details matter, and we want to help our customers (and people around them) pay better attention to them. This service is for all men's and women's leather products.  24-hour turn around and delivery options available later this year when scheduled using app.  Prices listed on booking app or through our Book Now link.

Here's what we do: 

  1. Wash and clean show with special shoe soap
  2. Recolor and stain removal as needed
  3. Nourish leather with conditioners
  4. Apply 3 layers of polishing creams and wax
  5. Buff
  6. Edge

What you do:

  1. Pick-up a shoe bag and place your shoes in the bag, fill out tag(s)
  2. Schedule your drop off on IRONWORKS app or Book Now link
  3. Drop off and prepay
  4. IRONWORKS will polish and communicate with you via text
  5. Pick up

Later This Summer:

  1. Delivery service coming later this summer to short pump on Saturdays; not available now
  2. 24-hour service coming later this summer.  Will be available for 1 pair of shoes delivered by 6pm and must by selected at time of scheduling; available only upon need. Most turnaround times will be 2-4 days, store will communicate with customers via text on status of shoes.